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  • Akston Menthol
  • Akston Menthol

Akston Hughes

Akston Menthol

$ 24.95


What Makes Akston so Special? 

Why did it take 5 years and $10 million dollars to develop the Akston Collection? Most of what we did for Akston eLiquids cannot be discussed due to the FDA ban on disclosing ingredients. Sadly ,we are legally not allowed to tell you that "........" is why the Akston liquids are "......."  What we can say is: "Akston Hughes eliquids were designed Molecule by Molecule to produce the industry wide reference standard for eliquid state of the art." Here's a little of what we did:

Akston ART™ "Attenuation Reduction Technology": Flavor Fatigue is the phenomenon where flavors tire out and become very tiresome over time. Smoking was never like that, when we used to smoke, we didn't crave "A New Flavor" why is that? Why do most eliquids tire so quickly? Akston Hughes dedicated a massive research project sampling over 10,000 vapors over 36 months to try and understand this effect. Akston ART™ is the result of that research. Flavor designs which simply do not get tired over time. Designs which are good on day 600 as they were on day one. 

Akston AAP™ "Akston Asymmetrical Appeal Profiles": Everyone likes sweets, they have what is called "Universal Appeal," sweet and desserty things appeal to everyone. But with Akston, we sought to design a set of flavors which would satisfy the unique tastes of adult smokers. We didn't try to create universal appeal, we designed something to appeal specifically to unique tastes of adult smokers.

 "It is difficult to describe the 'kick' or 'bite' that good whisky has, it was there in smoking, but it isn't in vapor. We wanted to understand this uniquely adult taste sensation and create eliquids specifically designed tp give adult users the same satisfaction that smoking used to give them. These aren't supposed to replace your dessert or your candy or your coffee, this are meant to replace smoking, so they should be designed to satisfy the desires of smokers and former smokers." Akston Hughes  

Akston CRT™ "Akston Coil Retention Technology": Coils wear out, and that irritates Akston Hughes. "I want my vaping to be simple and easy, I don't need it to be a hobby. I want it simple, and I want coils to last a long time." Mr. Hughes is very clear in his demands to the design team, "Maximize how Long a Coil Lasts." Everyone who's vaped for a while knows about "Coil Killers" those flavor designs that wear a coil out very quickly, Mr. Hughes wanted the opposite, flavor designs that got better as the coil aged. 


We're actively working with the attorneys to figure out what we can say, until then, we'll let the product speak for itself. The fact that INC Magazine rated Akston Hughes the #1 fastest growing brand in the entire world of vaping, should tell you everything you need to know for now. People are switching to Akston Hughes, for the simple reason, "They like it better than anything else in the industry." 



  • Type: E-Liquid
  • Ratio: High VG
  • Size: 30ml
  • Bottle: Glass
  • Cap: CRC
  • Nipple: Glass Pipette
  • Tamper Evident: Yes
  • Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural and Artificial Flavorings and Sweeteners, Nicotine. May contain trace elements of peanuts or other nuts.




      • 1x - e-liquid bottle


California Prop 65: This product contains nicotine. A product known to the state of California to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.


Store in a safe place. Always keep away from children and pets.


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