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About us

"Everyday we feel like we won the golden ticket, and with it - the keys to the most amazing FlavorZ Factory in the world"


"FlavorZ Signature Blends" was officially born in 2012 when five  industry veterans partnered with the goal of creating the greatest e-liquids in the world.  The idea was simple:  A Five Star Chef, a Professional Chemist, a Master Herbolist, an Experienced Flavorist, and a Essential Oil Specialist (herbal alchemist) would combine their resources and see what happened:

"We weren't really trying to build a business when we first started, Daniel just created the space for us all to get together and let nature take its course..."



Word of the uncommon flavor quality quickly spread, but the supply of the new FlavorZ e-liquid was extremely limited, and bottles began trading at forum classified sections for up to $100 per 30ml bottle!

"It was insane, we couldn't make the liquid fast enough, stores from all over the world were contacting us asking if they could carry our juice or trying to find out our secret."

But the FlavorZ secret wasn't something that could be easily copied because: The Secret was the quality of the ingredients!

With a Master Herbolist and an Experienced Essential Oil Extractor(our plant alchemist) providing the Chef, Chemist, and Flavorists the ingredients - - - FlavorZ quickly distinguished itself as the Premier Made in USA made E-liquid manufacturer.

But how could our tiny team of diligent artists maintain that world reknown quality and still keep up with the growing demand?
Akston Hughes, one of the pioneers of the e-cig industry, stepped up to the challenge, and Purebacco USA was born:

"The real challenge was to creating a space large enough for the FlavorZ Team to have the freedom to bring their dreams to life on a worldwide scale.  The O'Rourke facility we created together is unlike any other in the E-liquid world..."

Since then, our tiny family has grown to over 30 people and FlavorZ Signature Blends has become one of the popular e-liquids available in the world today.


To all of you, from all of us -

Thank you and Happy Vaping!




Email: contact@flavorz.com

Phone: 989-448-2322

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