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About Us

We are artists, and we make e-Liquid. Some of the best tasting e-liquid in the world. That's all we focus on, tor us, it's that simple.


We use the best ingredients, the best artists, and the best chemists. We take our time with every formula. We believe that making great art with every drop is a priveledge we've earned. We believe in taste and that award winning designs don't come easy.

Award Winning Flavor Designs


Designing, Engineering, Taste Testing are the heart of what we do. We beleive beleive that an eliquid can only be as good as the ingredients that go into it, and we search the world to find the best.


Our flavors are designed by vapors, for vapors


Unlike many companies, the FlavorZ Academy uses onsite proferssional chemists to manage the final quality control of every single bottle.

ISO Certified Company

Design Team

We respect our work. We adore our customers. We are grateful for the chance to share our art.

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Greer Kroell

Lead Designer
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Brittany Lundell

Development Director

Quality Team

We believe in quality. We believe in moving slow and doing things right. We believe in care and careful attention to every detail.

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Mindy Williams, MS.

Head Chemist
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Emily Bricker

V.P. & Chief Operations Oficer

Customer Support

We beleive that our customers are the ones who put us where we are, and we're always eager to help.

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Hannah Loeffler

Wholesale Liason
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Morgan Jackson

Customer Service Lead

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Come inside! Try our Flavorz, take a tour, or meet the team... You are welcome here...

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We're very open about who we are, and what we do, come inside and take a tour and see why we've been called the "Wonka Chocalate Facotry" of the eliquid world.

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We love what we do, and we love our customers! We never wanted to be a "faceless" company, so come inside and meet the FlavorZ Family, the realy people behind the scenes.

1865 Orourke Blvd, Suites A & B, Gaylord, Michigan, USA 49735

989 448 2322