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Vapor is a pure artform
there can be no convincing or explaining,
it either tastes good or it doesn't.
The High Priest of Vaping


We have a unique
blend of talent that allows
us to offer a diverse
range of specialty vapors.

Vapor is unique because it is pure taste, from Five Star Desserts to Rice Krispy Treats the possibilities are endless. Our flavor artists are given total creative freedom as they compete each month to see whose designs will be chosen for release to the FlavorZ Community where they will face the ultimate test as the Community itself decides what is the best of the best.

The FlavorZ Academy was a unique concept in the world of e-Liquid: "Take top flavorists, pair them with a world class chef, an herbalist, an Essentail Oil Specialist, and a Professional Chemist. Then give them access to only the finest ingredients and see what happens." We beleive that truly great vapors must start with great ingredients, so every ingredient our artists work with is hand chosen for them by a Professional Herbolist (Company Vice President) who insists that every recipe starts with only the best ingredients available in the world.

Quality e-Liquid
is the Heart of Vaping.
The High Priest of Vaping


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FlavorZ Signature Blends

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A few of the common questions:

What exactly is e-Liquid?
E-liquid is the fluid that goes inside electronic cigarettes and portable vaperizers. It is converted to vapor by the device and inhaled by 'Vapers' for personal enjoyment. Most e-liquids contain nicotine and are used as Traditional Smoking Alternatives, however, FlavorZ Signature Blends offers all our flavors in both nicotine and non-nicotine formulations.
How do you 'Vape' the e-liquid?
FlavorZ Signature blends are compatible with most modern Portable Vaporizors, Atomizers, and Cartomizers designed for use with e-liquid products. There are litterally thousands of devices we are compatible with. All of our Authorized retailers can help you to find the right device for your lifestyle and performance desires.
What makes FlavorZ products so special?
FlavorZ Signature Blends is the flagship of industry leader "Purebacco USA". Purebacco was established in 2002 and is among the oldest and most respected compnaies in the world of e-cigs behind the scenes of many of today's top brands. As the flagship, "FlavorZ Signature Blends" started it's life as an experiement in bringing together top chemists, flavorists, and herbalists with total creative freedom to to see how far we could take e-liquid. We simply wanted to rethink the idea of domestic e-liquid manufacturing with new processes, premium ingredients, and unlimited creative freedom. When the first designs were released, news of FlavorZ Outstanding Quality quickly spread by word of mouth and FlavorZ rapidly became one of the most sought after e-liquids in the world.
When you say 'Premium Ingredients', what exactly do you mean?
The world of flavor ingredients is like everything else, there is a hugh spectrum in the quality of the ingredients. As one of the world's first truely premium e-liquids, we had to ask the question, "Would customers pay more for e-liquid made with higher quality ingredients?" This was the basic question, "Did people even want a better e-liquid?" Founding partners of FlavorZ include a 5 star Chef, an Herbalist, and an Essential Oil Specialist who all beleived the world of e-liquid had barely scratched the surface. Plant Herbalist, Emily Bricker was choosen as the Ingredient Control Specialist and the search for the finest ingredients in the world began and continues to this day. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with some of the most prestigious and respected flavor manufacturers in the world to insure our ingredients are made to to the highest professional and quality standards possible.
Are they really that good?
Everyone's tastes are different, and this is perhaps where FlavorZ shines brightest: with 56 Signature Blends, we've got something for everyone. For those who enjoy sweets, we've got a complete line of treats, desserts, and bakery blends. For those who enjoy fruits and berries, we've got complete collections of fruits, smoothies and mixed berry delights. Coffees, tobaccos, cocktails - because we are dedicated solely to making e-liquids, our ability to focus on variety and styles is second to none. So whatever your enjoy, we've got you covered!
I own a shop and am interested in wholesale, what do I do?
Vaping is a community, and we've always felt that Face to Face is the best way to help new Vapers learn the art of vaping as the technology grows and evolves. We spend a great deal of time and energy supporting our Network of Authorized Retailers and making sure they have everything they need to support the community. If you are interested in become an authorized retailer, just contact us using the form below and we'll be happy to walk you through the interview process and help you get started.

Great vapor is not achieved when there is
nothing more to be added, it is achieved
when there is nothing which can be removed.
The High Preist of Vaping


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